Tooth Fairy Pillow Project

I've mentioned it in passing here and there, especially on Instagram, but I am diligently working behind the scenes on a few projects that I am able to talk more about around these parts.

The most exciting project is that I had another sewing tutorial published! My Tooth Fairy Patchwork Pillow project is a free tutorial on the Baby Lock website and was featured in their most recent enews. This particularly special because I came up with this cute project in honor of my niece losing her first tooth! This is the Tooth Fairy Pillow that I made for LJ...

I actually added a little bow after I took this picture before I gave it to my niece. I love the feminine touch of the eyelashes...it's all about the details for me.

Here's the Tooth Fairy Pillow featured in the tutorial for Baby Lock:


A few other projects I'm working on...

I am SO close to getting my craft studio finished! I've tweaked the layout of the space and am finally happy with how it looks and functions. The last few things I'm working on are going through boxes and getting rid of stuff, organizing the items that don't have a home, and decorating the space. I love my craft studio so much it's ridiculous. Sometimes, I just go in there and sit. It just makes me happy. 

Also, I bought a tabletop photo tent that came with an iPhone tripod, lights, and interchangeable backdrops. I've only used it once so far, but I love it and think it will come in very handy!



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