Favorite Dog Products


We feed JoJo with the PetSafe Tug-a-Jug, and it's a miracle accessory to have. It provides more of a challenge for JoJo to get his food, so it takes longer for him to eat. It's also an easy way to get in extra mental stimulation for him.


JoJo and Shanny both take a supplement over their food, as well as a vitamin chew. Shanny had a stone in her bladder in the fall, so I give her Potassium Citrate with Cranberry Granules to help prevent stones from forming again. JoJo had some hotspots underneath his armpits, so I give him an herbal multi-vitamin to help with skin and flea/tick issues. Lastly, they both get a Fatty Acid chew to provide support for skin and coat health, as well as immune system and joint health.


I have found a couple good deals on Groupon for the dogs. First, I found a bag of assorted antler pieces. I really like having these around for both Shanny and JoJo for a couple reasons. First, they aren't super rich, so they don't upset the dogs' stomachs. Also, they don't make much of a mess at all. Antlers can get pretty expensive at the pet store, but I feel like I got a pretty good deal on these.

Then, I found a water-resistant crate pad for JoJo for a little extra comfort during the day when he's in there. This is kind of a test for JoJo...he has only had one pet bed before when we first got him, and it didn't last long. I'm hoping now that he's older that he won't chew it up, so we'll see!


I feed Shanny and JoJo both Fromm Family dog food. Shanny gets the Reduced Activity & Senior Dry Dog Food, since she's an older gal with an extra bit of weight. And, JoJo gets Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food since he's a big boy. I have their food set up on auto-delivery from Chewy.com, so it's easy peasy!


JoJo is a challenge on a regular leash and even a regular harness where the leash hooks onto the back. He just pulls and pulls and more or less chokes himself, then his eyes and ears get pink because of it. We had a different kind of harness recommended to us, and it makes so much of a difference! The Easy Walk Harness connects to the leash on the front of the dog. Because the leash is connected at JoJo's chest, when he pulls, he more or less pulls himself back around toward us. This type of harness doesn't really allow him to pull forward, so he's easier to control and work with.


What are your favorite pet products? I'd love to hear your recommendations!


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  1. Oh, I have to get those jugs for my two -- they inhale their food!


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