Oh Hey Friday: Current Favorites

One: Berry UpBEET Smoothie from Jamba Juice

I have been OB-sessed with this smoothie lately. It's so yummily delicious! I've mentioned it before, but I don't love veggies and certainly don't get enough in my diet. I like that this smoothie provides a little help in that department. I also like to add a caffeine and soy protein add-ons to give it a little more oomph.

Plus, I tweeted about it and tagged Jamba Juice, and they tweeted me back in a really clever way! I love when brands are smart on social media.

Two: Taylor Swift

T. Swift has seriously been rocking it lately. I haven't always been a huge fan of hers, but I've totally been turning into a Swiftie lately!

Three: Online Ethics & Small Business Owners


This article from Oh My! Handmade Goodness about ethics and the internet. It's a long read, but intriguing and informative. If you have an online business, I highly recommend reading it.

Four: Saved by the Bell Reunion

It may be semi-old news now, but this sketch from Jimmy Fallon is genius. It makes my inner-90s kid SO happy!

Five: Blacklist

Oh my dear, ever-loving Netflix heart, Blacklist is SUCH a good show. I had heard great things about it, but I hadn't watched an episode until this past weekend. I watched the entire first season and got caught up to current so I could be prepared to watch last night's new episode.

If you are into suspense, spy-type shows, you'll LOVE Blacklist.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



What I Wore Wednesday 2.18.15

I went to a baby shower on Sunday, and I wore an outfit similar to this. I love that it's casual with a touch of glam!

Casual Glamour

This outfit totally encapsulates my style: lots of basic pieces with a touch of flair thrown in. Sometimes it's leopard print, and sometimes it's simply just a pop of color. Another plus of dressing like this? I can invest in some really good basics that will last for awhile. By using accessories or makeup to add some drama, you don't have to spend near as much on the trends when you pair them with staples.



Take a Break Tuesday: Boom Clap Cover

I lo.v.e this cover of Charlie XCX's Boom Clap! These girls are SO talented!


Still need a break? Check out the other posts in the Take a Break Tuesday series.



Love is...

Love is certainly in the air, and I just can't help but feel a little extra mushy.
Even for the anti-romantics, there are still so many ways to show love...it's not always flowers, diamonds, and fancy dinners. There's so much beauty in the little things, too.

Love is...

Your partner separating out the leftover pizza, so the mushroom smell doesn't seep into the pepperoni-only pieces.

A text message letting you know to be careful driving home because the roads may be icy.

Having your niece grab your hand, look up at you, and say, "I missed you."

Being excited when your partner changes a lightbulb in the backstairs hallway that's been out for a little too long.

Getting a text message from your mom, wishing you good luck on an exam.

Getting home from running errands and turning right back around to go to Walgreen's because your partner is sick and they need medicine.

When your partner cleans up the dog vomit because you can't do it without gagging.

Waiting to watch a TV show until you can watch it together.

Whatever you need it to be. Just because your love doesn't look like someone else's doesn't mean it's any better or worse. This Valentine's Day, whether you have a significant other or not, take a minute to do something kind for someone you care about. You never know, it might be just what they need to turn their day around.


And because I haven't shared this with you yet....

I made this video for Kyra for Christmas. It's one of my favorite things I've made.


Happy Valentine's Day, love bugs!



Take a Break Tuesday: Love Quote

I've been coming across some little nuggets of inspiration on social media lately. Enter Take a Break Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I'll be sharing quotes, songs, and more that I think are worth sharing. 

Today's Take a Break Tuesday fits very nicely with Valentine's Day, so take a minute to soak up some love :)


If you find awesome stuff on the interwebz, please share either in the comments or drop me an email!



Fun Things to Do for Your Partner's Birthday

Kyra's birthday was on Saturday, January 31st, and we had SO much fun celebrating ALL weekend! We kicked the weekend off with takeout and a movie for a quiet night in.

On Saturday, we pretty much celebrated all day long, and it was an awesome day. We started the day with breakfast in bed, then went to Fast Eddie's, a semi-famous St. Louis hangout, and ended the night going tubing at Hidden Valley Ski Resort.

Fast Eddie's
I also planned a few surprises for Kyra throughout the day that were easy to execute and pretty inexpensive. Here's what I did:

Candy Birthday Card

I'm sure you've seen these types of cards before, but I still wanted to share my version. It was kind of hard getting started with writing the copy that incorporated candy names. But, once you get started, the ideas start flowing.

I used Hot Tamales, Riesen's, Twix, 100 Grand, Hershey's Hugs & Kisses, Mounds, Snickers, Reese's Pieces, and Goobers. Feel free to use what I came up with as inspiration!

Fun Decorations

Whether you want to do streamers and balloons or a banner of some sort, it's always so fun to put up special birthday decorations to help add to the magic of the day.

I picked up a chalkboard birthday banner from Target for $5 and decorated it. I searched for chalkboard lettering examples on Pinterest to use as a guide, and I think it turned out really cute.

A tip...to make it easier to use chalk and write with control, sharpen the chalk with a pencil sharpener (or in my case, an eye pencil sharpener LOL). It makes a HUGE difference!

Special Treats

In Kyra's case, I chose to surprise him with a gourmet cupcake from Jilly's.

I planned to bring the cupcake with us to Fast Eddie's, and I even stuck a birthday candle and matches in my purse. It may seem like a small surprise, but it's all the little things that can make a day magical.

Surprise Adventure

As I mentioned above we ended the night going tubing at a local ski park, and it was such a blast! Although you may not be local to St. Louis or have a similar type of venue near you, finding something unexpected to do is such a fun and memorable way to celebrate a special day. 

The best part of going to Hidden Valley was that they were having a special event with discounted tickets which made it a lot more accessible. I'm sure this type of thing translates to many cities and many activities. I recommend keeping up with local radio stations, magazines, and city websites for information in regard to special events and discounted tickets for things.


We ended the weekend by sleeping in on Sunday and going to a Super Bowl party hosted by friends. I took these super easy-to-make Corn Dog Bites. 

Two Jiffy cornbread mixes, a package of hot dogs, and a muffin tin. Bake for 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven. Be sure to generously grease the muffin tin. Done and done!


Kyra's birthday weekend was one of the best weekends we've had together. It was simply perfect!



Project Finish: My First Quilt

It's been a minute since I've shared anything about what's been going on in my sewing space, so I've got a quick update for you.

First up, we have a recent project finish and sort of a milestone project for me. It's been on my sewing bucket list for awhile now to make a quilt, and I'm proud to say that I have now officially done so!

I made this quilt for my roommate and best friend from college who is set to have a sweet baby girl in the next couple weeks. I used flannel for the front and minky for the back, so it's extra snuggly and warm for a new baby.

Paper-pieced heart & monogram
In the process of working on this quilt, I discovered why I love making things to give to others. I was reading someone's blog post (I can't remember who...), and they were talking about their reason for making things to give. After reading the post, I knew why. It isn't so much about the end result. (Let's be honest tough, it feels pretty darn good to have an awesome finished product.) It's more about the time spent making the item. It's about the love and thought that goes into creating something special for someone special.

The whole time I was making this quilt, I thought about and prayed for my friend and her sweet bundle of joy. It's my way of showing those close to me how much I love and care for them.

This quilt definitely isn't perfect, but it was made with love and that's all that matters.


I also want to share the newest addition to my sewing family...

This is Sally the Singer. She's a vintage treadle turned electric sewing machine. I have no idea if she works, but I am going to try to get her up and running here soon. She's gorgeous, and I am so lucky to have her!

I was thinking about it, and why this thing is so important to me. I compare it to a baseball fan who happens upon a rare, hard-to-find rookie year baseball card of their favorite player. It's a piece of hobby history!


So, that's my update for today. I've made a ton of progress on my craft studio in the past few months, so once I put a few finishing touches on it, I will share a tour of the space!



ClassPass hits St. Louis

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't done a lot of health & wellness posts lately. Thankfully, I'm going to change that. I was contacted by ClassPass to try their service that was literally JUST launched in St. Louis this week.

About ClassPass

It's a service, available in select cities across the country, that allows you to pay one monthly fee to attend workout classes at a variety of studios in the area. Currently, classes in St. Louis include activities like pilates, yoga, spinning, bar method, kickboxing, and so much more. 

I am totally guilty of getting into one thing for awhile, then getting burned out and wanting to try something new. Because of this, I absolutely love the ClassPass concept! I am really looking forward to trying out new-to-me classes and getting my sweat on in the process. 

But wait...there's more!

Click on any of the ClassPass links in this post, and you'll be able to skip the wait list and join now!


I will do another update at the end of the month to review my experience with ClassPass, so keep an eye out! In the mean time, follow me on Instagram for daily updates.


*This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for writing a review, however all opinions are 100% my own.


Happy 1st Birthday JoJo!

Well, we survived JoJo's puppyhood! Though, he's still very much a baby, but anyway... In honor of this milestone, I thought I'd share an update about JoJo.


  • SNUGGLING! Seriously, that dog is the best snuggler there ever was. He loves getting under the covers, burying his head in my neck, and sleeping between my legs.

  • PLAYING! We play fetch/keep away for much of the evening on most days. He will run down the hall with his big squeaker ball and jump up on the bed, then run back down the hall over and over again. 
  • EATING! He will eat anything and everything which is good and bad. It's really easy to get him to take medicine since he will eat ANYTHING you put in his food bowl. On the other hand, he's been known to eat things like whole, unopened ketchup packets. 


  • Being on a leash. We're working on it...

  • Having his feet messed with. It's been really muddy lately, and it's quite a scene trying to get his paws clean. And, most of the time, it doesn't even happen. He's the same way when we try to clip his nails. He has never growled at us or tried to bite us, but he literally freaks out and tries to run away. I guess he's scared for some reason. Who knows!

We like to say that, "he's good...most of the time." He's still young and needs some training, so he's still a work in progress, but aren't we all? He's such a lover, and honestly, kind of a pansy when it comes down to it, but I wouldn't want him any other way! He's our rambunctious bubba :)


And, we can't forget about Shanny Mae.


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