Easy DIY Easter Basket

One of the best things about having a niece and nephew is that you get to spoil them on holidays. I especially love getting them things that their parents would probably never buy. But, that's what Auntie's are for, right?

DIY Easter Basket

This Easter is no different than the rest, so I popped into Five Below (& Target) the other day to pick up some fun goodies to put in a basket Lila & Isaac. Here's what I found:
  • Glow-in-the-dark beach balls: one purple, one green; $3 each
  • Play-Doh set with rollers & cutters; $5
  • Two Mini plant growing kits; $3 each
  • Scooby Doo Meets Batman DVD; $4 at Target

As I was shopping, I couldn't find a basket that I liked enough to buy, so I decided to improvise and decorate a box I already had. I simply cut the top flaps off and had a basket of sorts. I grabbed some colorful cardstock from my stash and my glue gun and got to work. To make something similar, you'll need cardstock in these colors:

  • Lighter or lime green
  • Darker or forest green
  • White
  • Variety of patterned scraps
  • Scrap or small square of pink
DIY Easter Basket

I had this stuff on hand from a variety pack of 8"x8" sheets, so I just used what I need to cover the outside of the box. I didn't cover the inside because I already knew I wanted to put some tissue paper in as a filler. Here's a quick overview as to how I made the basket:

  1. Cover the outside of the box with the light green paper using hot glue.
  2. Cut strips of dark green and fringe one side with scissors.
  3. Glue the "grass" to the outside of the box, lining the straight edge up with the bottom of the box. I covered all sides the box, but you could easily just do what would be the front. Still cute & festive!
  4. Grab the patterned scraps and cut out Easter egg shapes in different sizes.
  5. Glue the eggs in clusters around the box. I strategically placed the eggs on the box to cover the seams where the green paper met.
  6. To make the bunny silhouette, cut 1 bigger circle, 1 smaller circle, 2 bunny ears, and a small scalloped circle from the white cardstock. Glue the bigger circle on top of the smaller circle to make it look like you're seeing the bunny from behind. Next, glue the ears on top of the smaller circle, or the head. Now, to make the tail pop, cut a scalloped circle from your scrap of pink that is slightly bigger than the white scalloped circle. To finish, glue the white scalloped circle on top of the pink one, then glue on the bigger circle toward the bottom.
  7. Glue the bunny to the box in between a cluster of eggs. It makes it look like the bunny was there laying the eggs!
  8. Grab some light blue or white tissue paper and place in the box with some sticking over the edge. 
  9. Arrange toys, candy, treats, etc. in the box, and add additional pieces of tissue paper as needed to stabilize the items.
  10. I also added an "L" and an "I" to two of the bigger eggs on the box as a last minute fun little detail. 
Easy peasy, and SO cute! I did this on a whim and love how it turned out. I spent under $20 and came out with a fun, candy-free treat for my niece and nephew!

Happy Easter!



  1. Simply adorable and so creative! You have a gift sugar!!! Our babies are going to LOVE the basket AND the goodies!!!!!

  2. That's super cute!! I have two boys--they don't care much about the baskets anymore, just the stuff inside! I was a late shopper this year (and every other year) so I used easter gift bags for their stuff instead of a basket. Much cheaper than a basket:)


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