5 Reasons Why I'm THAT Dog Mom

It's happened guys, I've officially turned into a crazy dog mom. Now, I've always kinda spoiled Shanny, but she's a very easy dog to take care of: no middle of the night potty breaks or accidents, doesn't like a ton of toys, enjoys the occasional bone, and just wants some pets. She's very low-maintenance, so I've never felt the need to get all coocoo for cocoa puffs on her.

Enter JoJo, my second child and little love bug mama's boy. Puppies are high maintenance...very much the opposite of Shanny Mae. JoJo has officially turned me into THAT dog mom who's obsessed with her "babies." Please see exhibits 1-5 below.


I went to Treats Unleashed yesterday because I wanted to get some fun things for the babes. JoJo got a Kong toy, a stuffing-less alligator that has 2 squeakers in it, and grain-free food. GRAIN FREE FOOD. I know it's supposed to be better for their digestive systems, but seriously the dog has better (aka more wholesome) eating habits than I do. Shanny got 2 dehydrated duck's feet and a bully bone.

Did either of them NEED these things? No, but I wanted them to have a special treat.


If you look closely, you can see that JoJo is trying to eat my hair...no bueno!

I've been scouring the web for deals on BarkBox and/or any other subscription boxes for dogs. I'd tossed the idea around when we had just Shanny, but like I said she doesn't really do toys. Now that we have a crazy puppy in the mix, I most certainly think we'd get more use out of something like this.

Again, do they NEED a monthly subscription box? Absolutely not, but I love getting mail, and they do too.


I've taken more pictures in the last 2+ weeks than I have probably in the last year combined. (Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggerations, but you get my drift.) I want to remember these sweet puppy moments because one day JoJo is going to be a solid 60-80 lbs. I want photographic evidence that he indeed once was only a wee 10 lbs. 

I'll never have pictures of Shanny as a puppy, so I have to make up for the cuteness with JoJo.


I look forward to spending time with my pups. Kyra usually works until 9 or 10pm, so they keep me company until then. I purposefully took the time yesterday evening to work with JoJo on sitting and going to his kennel on command. When my mom asked yesterday what I had planned for the evening, that's what I told her: I was going to work with JoJo on being a good boy. I'm ridiculous.


Sorry for the crappy photo quality!

JoJo is sweetest in the morning, which of course melts my heart. He literally, every morning, nuzzles is head into my neck and sleeps there for about an hour. It's my favorite. 

I'm not ready for kids yet, so I'm happily spending my maternal instincts and energy on my two furbabies. Crazy or not, they're part of my family, and we all love them to bits.



  1. I love it. YES! Mark and I are "those dog parents." For sure!!!

  2. Your babies are beautiful! I can't wait to see them again on Sunday! Love you all!!!


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