32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars

1. Iced coffee from Starbucks. I just can't seem to make my at-home iced coffee taste as good.

2. Love notes from Kyra J.

3. When Shanny is more excited to see me when I get home than she is to go outside.

4. Puppy snuggles.

5. When my niece and nephew give me hugs and/or kisses without being asked. May as well add in when they tell me they love me. Heart = melted.

6. Getting lost in a good book or TV series. (I'm looking at you Veronica Mars.)

7. Spending time with my mama.

8. Random texts from friends.

9. Sleeping in.

10. Getting compliments from customers, telling me that I am a good waitress.

11. Playing board games with my sister & brother-in-law.

12. Getting good grades in grad school.

13. Sephora, Hobby Lobby & Whole Foods. My heaven on earth.

14. Good hair days.

15. Giving gifts. I l.o.v.e. thinking about and deciding on thoughtful gifts for people. It brings me joy seeing people love the gifts that I bought and/or made for them.

16. DIYing. It could be sewing, crafting, or whatever. It clears my mind, and I like seeing the fruits of my labor.

Speaking of DIYing...I will have a Maker Monday post for you next week, showcasing my latest project and what I'll be working on next.

17. Piggy backing on #16...I also really love graphic design. I'm not always the best, but I'm decent at it and have a pretty good eye for what's good design and what's not.

18. FLAIR PENS (and any other awesome writing utensils, too)

19. Dancing. I don't dance as regularly as I'd like, but I feel 100% myself when I hit the stage (or studio, football field, or wherever the dancing takes place).

20. Lazy Sundays with no plans.

21. Columbia, MO. A piece of my heart will always be in CoMO.

22. Getting positive feedback at work. Also, knowing that the work I do is making a difference/helping in our overall goals.

23. Birthdays! Mine, yours, anyones really. I love celebrating them.

24. A good run or yoga practice. I don't love all runs or all yoga sessions. I'm talking about the ones that when you're done, you feel like you can take on the world.

25. Back rubs/massages.

26. Bubble baths.

27. Surprises. Flowers just because, a clean apartment when I return from a work trip, anything really. I'm a sucker for a sweet gesture.

28. Perfume. I pretty much always have a sprtiz of something on every day. I have perfume that I wear daily (Dream Angels Heavenly), but I also have perfume that I only wear on special occasions (Dior Pure Poison).

29. Kyra J. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: he makes me feel so loved every single day.

30. My family.

31. Huge computer screens. If I'm gonna be working on something, give mama a big ole screen to work with :) Better yet, I'd really love to have some dual screen action going...one day maybe.

32. Myself. It may sound weird or vein, but I am the creator of my own happiness. We have to be happy with ourselves before we can be happy with anything or anyone else.



  1. Have you tried a cold brew method for iced coffee? Check this out, http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/06/perfect-iced-coffee/
    So good!

  2. I really enjoyed this post...glad I made the cut!!!! Love you!

  3. Number 32 is so very true!!

  4. Awesome list sister! I'm with you on #1!

  5. Also, you are an excellent gift giver!


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