More About Me Monday

I haven't done a More About Me Monday in awhile, so I think it's about time to do this type of post. I started More About Me Mondays, so my readers can get to know a little more about me.


I like root beer when it comes from a tap, but not usually from a bottle or fountain. Think A&W or Fitz's (if you're local to STL).


I usually won't do laundry until I run out of clean socks or undies. It's one of my least favorite chores, and I avoid it until it's 100% HAS to be addressed.


I think my feet look weird if my toenails aren't polished.


I have really thick, coarse hair. It varies between curly and wavy based on hormone shifts.

Example: my hair was really curly until kindergarten, straightened a bit, then curled back up when I hit puberty. Right now, it's just kinda wavy.

I don't even want to know what it's going to do when I get pregnant one day...


I am sentimental to a fault. I can't bring myself to throw away greeting cards that I receive. I don't usually re-read them, so they are just stashed in a box. I probably have birthday cards from when I was 13.

I keep cards from Kyra on my nightstand and in my purse, and I do re-read those :)



  1. Mmmm rootbeer sounds so good right now . :)

  2. You are certainly your momma's daughter.....except the part about the laundry :)

  3. Pregnancy does crazy things to your hair for sure, after I had Little K mine fell out in hand fulls!

  4. I'm the same way on the sentimental thing. Especially when things come from my kids! (I recently re-read a card from my Mom and bawled my eyes out. I haven't seen her handwriting since she passed away.)


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