I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

Thanks to pretty Whitney, I discovered a fun, new link party to participate in that's hosted by Holly from Hey, Hollywood! Let's get started shall we...

I'm the kinda girl who...
  • Cannot be in the same room when someone is watching The Walking Dead. The sight and sounds of the zombies make my skin crawl, and it's just too much for this anxious ball of nerves.

  • Wears a mouth guard at night because I grind my teeth. It got so bad once (last year around Rams tryouts) that I had a sore jaw for days.

  • Tutored calculus in college, but finds finance, economics, and accounting near impossible.

  • Cannot function without caffeine. I usually only have one cup of tea or coffee a day, but I am a yawnasaurus until it gets in my system.

  • Believes that love is the end all, be all of life. It doesn't have to always be a romantic kind of love, but friendship, family, and self-love are amazing things as well. One thing I know for sure, we need more love in this world.

  • Carries around a 64oz. water bottle every where I go. Work? Check. Class? Check. Laying in bed? Check.

  • Loves fashion, but doesn't dress up or as fashionably as I'd like most of the time. If I got my act together, I'd pick my outfits out the night before and be way more fashionista-like.

    I also don't love the clothes in my closet right now. I feel like I'm still transitioning from college clothes to adult clothes and am having trouble finding my style again.

  • Is a social butterfly, but needs alone time on the regular. I am very much a mashup of intro and extrovert.

  • Loves giving gifts! I love love love picking things out for people and seeing their reactions to it. 

Ok, your turn, what kinda girl (or boy) are you?



  1. I need to adopt your water bottle habit!

  2. yawnasaurus! Love It! I wish I could say I only have one cup of caffeine...I mean coffee a day. LOL

  3. I def need to drink more water

  4. I really enjoyed this post! Love you Doll <3

  5. I loved calculus in high school so became a finance major ...only to discover in my senior year I hate it :(


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