Beauty PSA: Save Money, Look Great

I have a confession...I'm a makeup addict. There. I said it. Sephora is my heaven on earth, and I want all of things when it comes to beauty products. Not only do I know that I'm a makeup addict, but my friends and family know, too.

In college, I was the resident hair and makeup artist. If we were going out or someone had a special event to go to, I was your go-to girl for hair and makeup. And, let me just tell you, I LOVE that my friends trusted me enough to let me work my magic. I definitely get the warm and fuzzies after I do someone's hair or makeup and they love it.

Needless to say, I feel like I know what I am talking about when it comes to beauty products. Am I an expert? Certainly not. I am always learning new tricks and techniques, but I have a passion for it. Everyone deserves to feel pretty in their own skin!

There are tons of drugstore products that are just as good (or better) than their "designer" counterpart, and knowing which products those are will save you money.

On the flip side though, there are some products, like Clinique Lower Lash mascara and Two Faced Shadow Insurance, that don't have a worthy substitute. Products like these are worth every penny, and it's better to save on other products and in other ways.

This is one is huge! By keeping track of yearly sales and promotional events, I have been able to purchase $45/bottle shampoo for $10, $18/can hairspray for $8, etc. Every year, Beauty Brands has a liter sale on shampoo/conditioner and a hairspray sale. If you stock up during these big sales, you won't have to ever pay full price for salon-quality products. To stay "in the know," I signed up to receive the Beauty Brands email newsletter, and I also liked them on Facebook. 

Also, pay attention to special promotional items that stores put out, especially around the holidays. Every year during the holiday shopping season, Sephora puts out an AMAZING palette of eye shadows, blushes, lip colors, etc. for $50. It's a bit of an investment up front, but I seriously use mine every day and rarely purchase any additional eye shadows or blushes.

There are many products out there that are two-in-one. For example, my Chi is both a straightener and a curling iron. Or, tinted moisturizer, coconut oil (removes eye makeup and conditions hair), dual-ended makeup brushes, etc. These two-in-one type of products gives you the full functionality you need without having to purchase two separate item to get the same result.

Check out this article on the HSN blog about saving makeup AND saving money! It's definitely worth a read.

How do you save money while still looking great? Please share!



  1. Some hair salons have punch cards....when you buy a product...you get punch...when your punch card is full...you get a free product! Love this!

  2. like you, tori, i ALWAYS look for sale prices....NEVER pay regular price


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