Women's Wednesday

Well, Hubby Jack has his own, sassy version of Women's Wednesday, but I'm stealing the name and going in a different direction! For my version of Women's Wednesday, I am going to share pictures, articles, issues, etc. that will empower us, enlighten us, and help us stay true to ourselves in this crazy world we live in.


Lupita Nyong'o

Can we just talk about how FABULOUS she has looked on the red carpet this awards season? Simply stunning! She's a fresh face and has taken Hollywood by storm with her elegance and amazing dresses.



I came across this article on Mashable, and it is such a great read! I love that Aerie is taking a stand against the unachievable standards set by the media. Way to go, and you've made me a loyal customer!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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So not only is he cute as pie, but he's a feminist, too! I like that he doesn't point fingers and isn't being accusatory. He just encourages us to be aware of how people are being portrayed and form our own opinions about it.


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  1. Yes, yes, yes, to all of this!! I love Lupita and she is KILLIN IT this awards season so far. I've always loved AE! Now even more. I think it's beautiful. Like you! <3 Great post!


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