(Mostly) DIY Goals for 2014

I love trying my hand at new things, especially of the DIY variety, so I thought I'd share some of the projects I want to take on in 2014:


Sew a men's tie.


Piece a quilt top. I'd love to do Thomas Knauer's ABCQAL.


Turn my IKEA Lack tables into these beauties.


Make at least 5 items that can be donated to charity.


Finish my craft room. Projects include: organizing all the things, hanging a giant peg board, mounting a TV, and turning one wall into an inspiration board.


Sew/make something with the sole purpose that it is for me. I rarely make things just for myself to enjoy, there is usually an ulterior motive, like gifts, my job, etc. This year, I want to make something just for me to enjoy!

Other, non-DIY goals for 2014:


Lose 15 lbs and keep it off.


Keep the "Christmas spirit" all year long.


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