5 Fab Valentine's Day Finds

Whoop whoop, it's Friday! What's on your agenda for the weekend? Anything fun? Tonight, I think Kyra and I will just hang out at home. Tomorrow during the day, my mom and I are going to check out the Loop's Ice Carnival, then tomorrow night, I will be working at le Trainwreck. Sunday will be for meal prepping, organizing and getting ready for the week ahead.

Today, I am once again joining the lovely ladies for 5 on Friday! This week, I am sharing my favorite V-Day finds. Love is in the air people, so get excited!


I love this banner from the Bekah Jennings Etsy Shop. It's fun and kinda flirty, and these types of banners can be hung lots of different places around the house.

So side story...

I have a faux mantel above the TV in the living room. When it got hung up, there ended up being too much space between the shelf and the TV. Since this happened, I need something hanging off the front to reduce the appearance of that space. For Christmas I used garland, and this would be perfect for Valentine's Day!


First of all, I love slouchy, oversized sweaters like this. Second, this Knitted Multi Heart Sweater is not so in your face Valentine's Day which I like. It's simple and sweet.


I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like Chocolate Covered Strawberries. To me, they're a staple for Valentine's Day. They're decadent and a special treat!

someecards.com - Just a reminder that your Valentine's Day plans for me will be broadcast in real-time on at least three social media platforms

Yes. Just, yes.


The Love Poems of Rumi would be a great gift to give your significant other! This book would be fun to keep on the coffee table or the bookshelf to be re-read every year during this season of love.


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