Thursday Thoughts

I just wanted to pop in really quickly to share a couple articles that I came across that really moved me. I've mentioned it before, but I struggle with anxiety and depression. My mental health is stable and has been for about five years now, but it's always a work in progress.

I hate that there is such a stigma surrounding anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Having a mental health disorder is no different than having another disorder, like diabetes or hypothyroidism. Yes, some depression is situational, but sometimes it's simply biological.

Anyone who happens to read this post has most likely encountered someone close to them who struggles with mental health issues, if not themselves. It's common, but not talked about nearly enough.

Please take the time to read the following articles to get a better idea how you can cope with and support someone who struggles with depression or anxiety.


Remember that we are all fighting a hard battle, so always try to be a little kinder than necessary.



Dancing with the Stars Week 9 Recap

All you need to know about last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars is that Alfonso KILLED his trio dance. There are no words for how unbelievably amazing it was! Must.watch.now.

Dare I say the dance of the season?

Alfonso's trio may have ruled the episode, but there were two honorable mentions worth noting:

Sadie's trio with Mark & Emma

Bethany's trio with Derek & Tony


An all-around great week with quarter finals next up! I'm still pulling for Alfonso to take it all :)



JoJo Update: 9 Months

Well, we are way overdue for an update on JoJo! It's been a few months since the last one, so here are his current stats...

Age: 9 1/2 months

Weight: 55 lbs.

Temperament: sweet, hyper, playful, HAPPY

  • Snuggling
  • Trying to play with Shanny
  • Scrounging around for things to chew on that he's not supposed to
  • Licking faces
  • Sitting on laps
  • Following me around the apartment
  • Going down stairs that are open between steps
  • Riding in the car
  • Getting his nails trimmed
  • Baths

Other fun facts about JoJo...

He ate/swallowed a ketchup packet...then promptly threw it up. It's a good thing he has a stomach of steel.

We feed him via the Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug. Before we started doing this, JoJo would scarf down his food in 2 minutes or less. Now, because he has to work a little harder, it takes him closer to 20 minutes to eat, which has to better for his digestive system. We are also training him to bring us his "bottle" when he's ready to eat. He is catching on so fast! #prouddogmom

We are also working on having him sit, then lay down when we give him a toy, bone, food, etc. He still gets REALLY excited for these things, so we are waiting to give it to him until he is quiet and waiting patiently. This *should* signal to him that he won't get rewarded for barking, but when he is calmed down. It's a work in progress...

JoJo is my best little buddy! He may be frustrating at times when we are trying to teach him to be a good doggy, but he has been such a joy to have. This is the first time that I've lived with/raised a big dog (we always had little ones growing up), and I love how the dynamic is just a little bit different. You play harder, but you kind of love harder too.



Dancing with the Stars Week 8 Recap

I am loving Dancing with the Stars this season! They are mostly to the point in the season now where they've weeded out the not so stellar dancers, so the people left are bringing really great performances to the show.

My three favorites thus far are definitely Alfonso Ribeiro, Sadie Robertson, and Lea Thompson. Alfonso is just an all around great dancer and performer. Sadie is adorable and works hard, and she's not too bad of a dancer either. And, Lea is beautiful and graceful. Girl has legs for DAYS!

I'm not really that drawn to Janel Parrish or Bethany Mota. Don't get me wrong, they have performed really well on the show. I'm just not familiar with them outside of the show, so I don't feel much of a connection. I also think that Janel and Val are trying too hard to recreate the chemistry that Maks and Meryl had, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, here are my three favorite dances from last night...

Hands down, theirs was the best! Janel's contemporary chops are really good, and the emotion was definitely there.

Other than the beginning of this dance with the zipline, there wasn't the level of dramatics that a lot of the other performances had. It was a cha-cha-cha through and through, and Alfonso's technique seemed really good too. Bottom line, he's just a good dancer.

I also really loved the jive dance off between Alfonso/Whitney and Lea/Artem. They both did an awesome job! If you aren't interested in the pre-dance hubbub, skip to 3:30 for the beginning of the dance off.


Have you been watching DWTS this season? What are your thoughts?


How do you feel about the new look for Jane Not So Plain? I was ready for a refresh, and I think the banner under my blog title alludes nicely to a do it yourself feel. I also really like the cleaner appearance of the layout.




Well, well, well....look who it is, coming out from underneath the rock she's been living under!

Ok, I haven't really been living under a rock. If busyness were a rock, then that would make all of the things makes sense. Here's a quick recap as to what I have been up to the last few months:

  • Attended a bachelorette party, a couple bridal showers, and took part in my cousins wedding. She was the most perfect, beautiful bride there ever was!
  • Celebrated many birthdays, including my own. I'm officially closer to 30 than 20.
  • Completed 2 more classes for my MBA coursework and started on my capstone. The end is in sight! #praisesweetbabyjesus
  • Made major progress on my craft room. It's still not done, but it's totally functional. That room has quickly become my favorite in the apartment. I plan to do a full tour with all the details once I get a couple other things done in there!
  • Vacationed in Florida to visit my dad.

  • Trying not to pull my hair out while raising an energetic, stubborn, but oh so sweet puppy. JoJo is 9 months old and about 50 lbs. of love. Don't be fooled, Shanny still runs the show though!

  • I sewed up an Elsa dress for my niece to wear this Halloween. I used this tutorial, and it was super easy to follow!
  • I'm still working 2.5 jobs: full-time day job, serving on Saturdays, and doing promotions for the St. Louis Rams.

  • I have a new hairdo that I am obsessed with! I've finally come to terms with myself that I am not really a long hair person. I love long luscious locks with lots of body, but I can always use clip-in extensions for that :)


It's definitely been an exciting and wonderful few months, but it has left little time for me to spend in this space. I love Jane Not So Plain, and I don't want to abandon it. I am hoping that as things slow down (do they ever?), I will spend more time here.

With so many other things to focus on, I just haven't felt inspired to write and create posts. Don't get me wrong, I still have ideas that I want to share (beauty/style things, DIY projects, health and wellness stuff, etc.). But, with that being said, I am very much the type of person who needs rest and downtime. By the time all of the "mandatories" are done, I need to be able to turn my brain off for a little bit.

Thank you for sticking with me and understanding! Hopefully the next post won't be months away :)

Until next time...



Oh Hey Friday!

Just popping in for a quick update and to participate in a new link party hosted by September Farm and the Farmer's Wife!

It's a new version of 5 on Friday which was always among my favorites, so I just felt the need to participate in this one :) Let's get started, shall we?


I know I'm late to the party on this one, but oh.my.gosh, I am in LOVE with Modern Family! Besides Friends, this is the only show where I literally giggle throughout the entire show. Hands down, Cam and Mitchell are my favorite! A big ole thanks goes out to the USA network for playing the reruns and letting me enjoy the hilarity that ensues in each episode.


I'm also obsessed with my new Sanuk sandals. The soles are made from recycled yoga mats, and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. Worth.every.penny.


Here's a quick JoJo update:
  • 5.5 months old and 40lbs
  • Loves snuggles and tennis balls
  • Dislikes riding in the car, baths, and getting his nails clipped
Keep up with his (and Shanny's) cuteness and follow me on Instagram!


I spent 4 glorious days in Florida visiting my dad with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. There was much pool time involved and lots of auntie time. I must say that being an aunt is my favorite role in life thus far.

It was so wonderful hanging out, snuggling, and playing with my niece and nephew. Going from being with them everyday to not has made me miss them so much!


I tried a Bikram class with Marcia and Holly last weekend! Oh my gosh, it was so hard, but so awesome at the same time. We're going back this Sunday, so it obviously wasn't THAT bad. I felt like a million bucks when I was done because I think I sweated out enough sweat to fill a small pool.


Weekend ON! Have a great one :)



Wednesday Confessions

Once again, I am popping in to this space to share a few things and linking up with Vodka & Soda for Humpday Confessions! Work is finally (sort of) starting to slow down, so I'm hoping I will have more opportunity to brainstorm and post here on the bloggity blog. I miss this space, so I'm ready to get back at it on a more regular basis!

Vodka and Soda

On to the confessions...


JoJo is still growing like a weed, and as he has gotten older, his gas has gotten so bad! Seriously, his farts are deadly. And, don't even get me started on the leakage...It's a good think he's cute and super sweet. #stinkyboy


It grates my nerves when an automatic towel dispenser doesn't give you enough paper towel to dry your hands with, therefore forcing me to get a second one. If they'd just set it so that it dispensed it a little longer, I wouldn't have to get 2 and not create the extra waste. #sideeye


I currently have no toenail on one of my pinky toes. I knocked it once really bad, then 2 other times within the same week or so. Therefore, no toenail. I can't even recall the amount of times I have lost my pinky toenails from dance, running, and various and assorted other activities.


Speaking of JoJo, I am totally the good cop when it comes to discipline. Don't get me wrong, I scold him when he misbehaves, but I'm kind of a pushover and just want to snuggle him up.


I had a work obligation this past Saturday, and I assumed we would be working inside. Because of this, I didn't even think to apply sunscreen to my arms/legs. Well, you know what they say about assuming things... the event was outside, and I got a pretty painful sunburn. It is finally starting not to hurt so bad,  and now we are almost to the peeling stage. I will be purchasing a small thing of sunscreen to keep in my purse from now on. The damage to my skin is not worth it!



Life Lately

It's been a minute since I've popped in over here, so it's about dang time that I do so! As always, life has been pretty busy lately, so my time for JNSP has been limited. I also kind of feel like I have had a creative block...let's hope that passes sooner rather than later! Here's what I've been up to lately...

1. New swimsuit

I was way past due for a new swim suit for a couple of reasons. The swimsuits I've been wearing are either worn out or are better suited for sun bathing, not swimming. Also, I'm on a bit of a weight upswing (another post for another day), so I wanted to get something that accentuated my curves but was also something that I felt comfortable in.

I've been eyeing retro inspired suits for a couple summers now, so I knew that was the style I wanted to purchase. I started looking with a good ole google search and began with Modcloth. They had a couple really cute options, but nothing I was sold on. I ended up on Unique Vintage where I discovered the beauty pictured above.

This pin-up inspired suit is exactly what I was looking for. I CANNOT WAIT to get it in the mail and try it on. I hope it lives up to my expectations!

2. New quilt block design

A random creative burst popped into my mind earlier today for a quilt block design. I'm calling it, "Queen of Diamonds," and it consists of four 4" squares and eight 2" squares, along with some additional background pieces. I plan on using this design to make my first quilt (hopefully, this summer)!

3. Craft Room/Studio Space

So, we have a very small 3rd bedroom in our apartment. It was actually a bonus room because when I looked into getting the apartment, it was listed as a 2-bedroom. You could get a twin bed in there, but probably not much else. And really, we don't need a 3rd bedroom as this point, so I wanted to claim it for a craft room/studio space!

After more than a year in our apartment, I finally feel like I am ready to transform the space into a welcoming creative place. I already have a big table, chair, and wire shelving, but there are a few projects/changes that I want to make before it's officially ready. I'll be documenting the process, but here's an idea of what I am going to do:

  • Hang two 4'x4' pegboard squares on one wall with a TV mounted in between.
  • Turn the top of the wire shelving unit into a pressing surface.
  • Create a cork board wall opposite of the TV/pegboard.
It's going to be a lot of work with lots of help from Kyra, but if I can get my vision executed, I think it's going to turn out really awesome!

4. Lots of family time

This past holiday weekend was filled to the brim with family time. We ate our weight in delicious food, did some touristy things, and enjoyed each other's company. It was a really awesome weekend! Of course, I can never turn down time with my niece and nephew...they're just too much fun :)

Gotta love PlayDoh art!

5. Growing pup

 JoJo goes to the vet next week, and I am VERY curious as to how much he weighs. It seems like he literally grows overnight! I have had to loosen his collar twice in the last week or so, and it is getting increasingly more difficult for me to pick him up. My 10lb little nugget isn't so little anymore!

Even thought he's growing exponentially, he's still as sweet and playful as can be. He's my buddy, and I love him to pieces!



JoJo Update: 3.5 Months

JoJo went to the vet last week for his 3-month checkup , and my oh my, is that boy growing like a weed! Here's an update on our sweet and crazy baby boy...

Coat Color: Still blue/brindle. His brindle stripes are becoming a little more prevalent, but his blue coloring isn't going away.
Eye Color: Still mostly blue. At times, they look a little greenish/hazel, but I would still classify them as blue.
Age: 14 weeks
Weight: 19 lbs (almost double from his 2 month check up...)


  • Walking on/over/across whatever is in his path. You're sitting or laying on the couch, and you're in his way? No problem, he'll just climb over you. 
  • Tennis balls. And various and assorted other toys, too.
  • Chewing on clothes and/or shoes that don't belong to him.
  • Snuggling with Shanny Mae and his humans.
  • Watching me get ready in the morning. 


  • Getting in trouble. He hides under the table with his ears back and tail tucked when he gets in trouble. At least he understands that he misbehaved?
  • Being in his kennel for more than a couple hours. He does best when he has a bone or toy to keep his attention or when he's tired. If he has a ton of energy or we're moving about the apartment, then he's not so happy to be in there. 
  • Going outside in the rain. 
  • Walking on a leash. That's next up on the training agenda...
Overall, JoJo is still such a love bug, and we're so happy to have him in our little family. He's still young and very much a puppy, so there are times when I want to pull my hair out. I like to refer to him as the monster...pee monster, chew monster, etc. Besides that though, he has a great demeanor: very sweet, happy and playful.

When I took him to the vet last week, he wanted to meet everyone who worked there and gave lots of snuggles and kisses. The ladies who helped with him all commented about how happy he was, which of course made me glad that they were saying good things about him.

He goes back in a month for his next round of shots, so look for another update then! Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram to keep up with his daily shenanigans (among other things).



Five on Friday: My Favorite Dance Videos

Happy Friday, JNSPers! To celebrate this week's edition of Five on Friday, I'm sharing some of my most favorite dance videos. I've been a dancer all of my life, so watching these videos keeps that spirit alive in me even though I don't get to dance as much as I used to. If it's not your thing, no worries; I'll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming.

Without further ado...

"Gravity" performed by Kayla and Kupono on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 5

"Calling You" performed by Heidi and Travis on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 2

"Outta Your Mind" performed by Twitch & Ellen DeGeneres on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7

"Bleeding Love" performed by Chelsie and Mark on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 4

"Mercy" performed by Katee and Twitch on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 4


So tell me, what are some of your favorite dance (or non-dance) videos? What do I HAVE to see?



5 Things I Learned at SNAP Conference

I need to preface this post:

I went to SNAP for work as a networking opportunity for us to find new bloggers to work with. Because of this, my perspective of the conference is probably a little different than that of bloggers attending to network with brands and other bloggers.

Also, sorry in advance for the crappy photo quality. I took pictures with my phone because I don't have a nice/decent camera...it's on the list of things I want for JNSP.

With that out of the way, SNAP was amazing. The conference was impeccably planned with every detail attended to. If you are a DIY/crafty blogger, I highly recommend attending! You won't regret it :)


I've been a die-hard MaskCara follower for awhile now, so I couldn't miss her keynote during lunch on the last day of the conference. She went over some of her favorite makeup tricks. Most of which I knew already since I follow her blog so religiously. But, I learned a new little nugget of info that I think we all need to take into consideration:

Your eyebrows should be sisters, not friends. The sides of our faces are not identical, and our eyebrows shouldn't be either.

Of course! The lightbulb went off, and hopefully keeping this in mind will prevent me (and hopefully you, too) from over-plucking!


Cents of Style had a life-size Polyvore board set up for attendees to play with!

a.) The most important SEO aspect of a blog post is the title. Your post topic, or keyword, should be included in the title of the post.

b.) If you want your blog images to show up in Google image searches, then make sure the keyword for the post is included as the alt text. I have a whole post about optimizing photos for web in the works, so I will go into this a little bit deeper then.


liZ and Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co. They are the sweetest, kindest ladies, and of course amazing sewists, too!

Most of the time, people are prettier/funnier/nicer in person than they are online. It's always so refreshing to meet some of my favorite bloggers in person, and they are just as wonderful as I had hoped. I haven't met a ton of my favorite bloggers in person, but those I have met (Holly, Mel, Cara, Ashely, etc.) have been simply wonderful, humble, and all around awesome.


No matter how big or small, bloggers really can make a difference and change a life. Alex Boye' traced the success of one of his first YouTube videos back to five bloggers who had shared it. This just goes to show that we have the power to influence the greater good with what we say and do. It's my hope that we, as bloggers who have a public forum of sorts, use this power to spread kindness and support.

The necklace from Charmed Collections that all attendees, including sponsors, received at the opening dinner.
You can't read it in the photo, but the round charm is stamped with the word, "forward," and it's paired with paper airplane charm. The necklace serves as a reminder for us to continually look forward, and that the past is the past. It reminds me that I have the power to move forward from today and make a difference in the future.


Me with a couple ladies who finished a pair of kids shorts in one of the hands-on sewing classes.

Being at SNAP helped clarify my career path a little bit. Talking with bloggers, engaging with them and thinking about how they could potentially fit with our brand made me realize that that's what I would love to do more of. Right now, I maintain the company's social sites and have a small emphasis on blogger relations (among other things). I would LOVE for it to switch so that I focus more on blogger relations and how they can be more incorporated into our brand efforts.


Overall, SNAP was awesome! Fingers crossed that I will be able to go again next year, whether for work or for JNSP. If you're interested, the SNAP blog is hosting a link up for recap posts, so head over there if you want to read more recaps!



Awesome Video + GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday, JNSPers! I just wanted to pop in really quickly to share a couple things with you...

First, check out the new video below from Alex Boye', a cover of Pharrell's Happy:

I first learned about Alex Boye' from his cover of Let It Go, and I just really like how unique he is!

Second, head over to Holly's blog for a fun giveaway! She's giving away two $50 Target gift cards to help promote her sponsors, so head on over and get in on the action!



Find Me in Salt Lake City

Well, hello there! I'm off to SNAP tomorrow for work, and I couldn't be more excited to be attending this conference. While I'm not going to network for Jane Not So Plain, I am SUPER excited to interact with some really awesome DIY bloggers, take in a few classes, and attend an 80s prom! I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to share.

Because we're a sponsor and vendor at the conference, work has been super busy the last week and a half. I was responsible for putting together a blogger outreach packet giveaway. It was the first time I put something like this together, so I wanted to really put in a lot of time and effort to make it perfect.

Besides work being crazy, I feel like all I do is chase JoJo around the apartment trying to keep him from chewing or peeing on stuff. It's amazing how that little nugget is so sweet, but also such a destructor. AH!

Between these two things, I don't feel like I have much else to talk about on here. I have a few post ideas in mind, but I've been struggling to find the time and energy to pull these ideas together, refine them, and get these posts up.

With all this said, please bear with me. I will still be popping in as much as I can; hopefully at least once or twice a week. Ideally, I would love to get to the point where I am consistently posting 3-4 times per week.

Anyway, you can find me pretty much daily on Instagram, so join me there if you'd like. I'll be back here again soon!



Easy DIY Easter Basket

One of the best things about having a niece and nephew is that you get to spoil them on holidays. I especially love getting them things that their parents would probably never buy. But, that's what Auntie's are for, right?

DIY Easter Basket

This Easter is no different than the rest, so I popped into Five Below (& Target) the other day to pick up some fun goodies to put in a basket Lila & Isaac. Here's what I found:
  • Glow-in-the-dark beach balls: one purple, one green; $3 each
  • Play-Doh set with rollers & cutters; $5
  • Two Mini plant growing kits; $3 each
  • Scooby Doo Meets Batman DVD; $4 at Target

As I was shopping, I couldn't find a basket that I liked enough to buy, so I decided to improvise and decorate a box I already had. I simply cut the top flaps off and had a basket of sorts. I grabbed some colorful cardstock from my stash and my glue gun and got to work. To make something similar, you'll need cardstock in these colors:

  • Lighter or lime green
  • Darker or forest green
  • White
  • Variety of patterned scraps
  • Scrap or small square of pink
DIY Easter Basket

I had this stuff on hand from a variety pack of 8"x8" sheets, so I just used what I need to cover the outside of the box. I didn't cover the inside because I already knew I wanted to put some tissue paper in as a filler. Here's a quick overview as to how I made the basket:

  1. Cover the outside of the box with the light green paper using hot glue.
  2. Cut strips of dark green and fringe one side with scissors.
  3. Glue the "grass" to the outside of the box, lining the straight edge up with the bottom of the box. I covered all sides the box, but you could easily just do what would be the front. Still cute & festive!
  4. Grab the patterned scraps and cut out Easter egg shapes in different sizes.
  5. Glue the eggs in clusters around the box. I strategically placed the eggs on the box to cover the seams where the green paper met.
  6. To make the bunny silhouette, cut 1 bigger circle, 1 smaller circle, 2 bunny ears, and a small scalloped circle from the white cardstock. Glue the bigger circle on top of the smaller circle to make it look like you're seeing the bunny from behind. Next, glue the ears on top of the smaller circle, or the head. Now, to make the tail pop, cut a scalloped circle from your scrap of pink that is slightly bigger than the white scalloped circle. To finish, glue the white scalloped circle on top of the pink one, then glue on the bigger circle toward the bottom.
  7. Glue the bunny to the box in between a cluster of eggs. It makes it look like the bunny was there laying the eggs!
  8. Grab some light blue or white tissue paper and place in the box with some sticking over the edge. 
  9. Arrange toys, candy, treats, etc. in the box, and add additional pieces of tissue paper as needed to stabilize the items.
  10. I also added an "L" and an "I" to two of the bigger eggs on the box as a last minute fun little detail. 
Easy peasy, and SO cute! I did this on a whim and love how it turned out. I spent under $20 and came out with a fun, candy-free treat for my niece and nephew!

Happy Easter!



5 Reasons Why I'm THAT Dog Mom

It's happened guys, I've officially turned into a crazy dog mom. Now, I've always kinda spoiled Shanny, but she's a very easy dog to take care of: no middle of the night potty breaks or accidents, doesn't like a ton of toys, enjoys the occasional bone, and just wants some pets. She's very low-maintenance, so I've never felt the need to get all coocoo for cocoa puffs on her.

Enter JoJo, my second child and little love bug mama's boy. Puppies are high maintenance...very much the opposite of Shanny Mae. JoJo has officially turned me into THAT dog mom who's obsessed with her "babies." Please see exhibits 1-5 below.


I went to Treats Unleashed yesterday because I wanted to get some fun things for the babes. JoJo got a Kong toy, a stuffing-less alligator that has 2 squeakers in it, and grain-free food. GRAIN FREE FOOD. I know it's supposed to be better for their digestive systems, but seriously the dog has better (aka more wholesome) eating habits than I do. Shanny got 2 dehydrated duck's feet and a bully bone.

Did either of them NEED these things? No, but I wanted them to have a special treat.


If you look closely, you can see that JoJo is trying to eat my hair...no bueno!

I've been scouring the web for deals on BarkBox and/or any other subscription boxes for dogs. I'd tossed the idea around when we had just Shanny, but like I said she doesn't really do toys. Now that we have a crazy puppy in the mix, I most certainly think we'd get more use out of something like this.

Again, do they NEED a monthly subscription box? Absolutely not, but I love getting mail, and they do too.


I've taken more pictures in the last 2+ weeks than I have probably in the last year combined. (Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggerations, but you get my drift.) I want to remember these sweet puppy moments because one day JoJo is going to be a solid 60-80 lbs. I want photographic evidence that he indeed once was only a wee 10 lbs. 

I'll never have pictures of Shanny as a puppy, so I have to make up for the cuteness with JoJo.


I look forward to spending time with my pups. Kyra usually works until 9 or 10pm, so they keep me company until then. I purposefully took the time yesterday evening to work with JoJo on sitting and going to his kennel on command. When my mom asked yesterday what I had planned for the evening, that's what I told her: I was going to work with JoJo on being a good boy. I'm ridiculous.


Sorry for the crappy photo quality!

JoJo is sweetest in the morning, which of course melts my heart. He literally, every morning, nuzzles is head into my neck and sleeps there for about an hour. It's my favorite. 

I'm not ready for kids yet, so I'm happily spending my maternal instincts and energy on my two furbabies. Crazy or not, they're part of my family, and we all love them to bits.



Monday Musings

Oh hey, Monday...not real happy to see ya, but you're here nonetheless. Today, I'm joining my girl Marcia to share a few Monday Musings with you.


So, Kyra has clients EARLY in the morning, aka he has to be at the gym by 5 or 6am most days. Since we've had JoJo, Kyra let's him outside to potty, then plops him & Shanny in bed with me to go back to sleep until I'm ready to get up for work. Now, normally when JoJo is ready to be awake, he's balls to the wall ready to play. But, in the morning, when he's ready for me to wake up with him, he just licks my face instead of nipping at it. This, I am very thankful for. #nobiting


We got our booties kicked at work on Saturday night, aka I'm still tired and worn out from my shift. Plus, it's rainy outside, so all I wanna do is SLEEP. #naptime


I failed to take any pictures over the weekend of the project I recently finished, so no Maker Monday post today. #bloggerfail


Yes, I'm aware that hashtags don't mean anything on a blog. #mysitemyrules


I've mentioned before that I get bad under eye circles, so instead of covering them up, I'm going to try to lighten them. Now, I'm gonna do anything crazy, but I did order the ANEW Reversalist Eye Illuminating System. Once I get my grubby paws on it, I'll let you know how I like, if it works, etc.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. I'll be back later in the week!



32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars

1. Iced coffee from Starbucks. I just can't seem to make my at-home iced coffee taste as good.

2. Love notes from Kyra J.

3. When Shanny is more excited to see me when I get home than she is to go outside.

4. Puppy snuggles.

5. When my niece and nephew give me hugs and/or kisses without being asked. May as well add in when they tell me they love me. Heart = melted.

6. Getting lost in a good book or TV series. (I'm looking at you Veronica Mars.)

7. Spending time with my mama.

8. Random texts from friends.

9. Sleeping in.

10. Getting compliments from customers, telling me that I am a good waitress.

11. Playing board games with my sister & brother-in-law.

12. Getting good grades in grad school.

13. Sephora, Hobby Lobby & Whole Foods. My heaven on earth.

14. Good hair days.

15. Giving gifts. I l.o.v.e. thinking about and deciding on thoughtful gifts for people. It brings me joy seeing people love the gifts that I bought and/or made for them.

16. DIYing. It could be sewing, crafting, or whatever. It clears my mind, and I like seeing the fruits of my labor.

Speaking of DIYing...I will have a Maker Monday post for you next week, showcasing my latest project and what I'll be working on next.

17. Piggy backing on #16...I also really love graphic design. I'm not always the best, but I'm decent at it and have a pretty good eye for what's good design and what's not.

18. FLAIR PENS (and any other awesome writing utensils, too)

19. Dancing. I don't dance as regularly as I'd like, but I feel 100% myself when I hit the stage (or studio, football field, or wherever the dancing takes place).

20. Lazy Sundays with no plans.

21. Columbia, MO. A piece of my heart will always be in CoMO.

22. Getting positive feedback at work. Also, knowing that the work I do is making a difference/helping in our overall goals.

23. Birthdays! Mine, yours, anyones really. I love celebrating them.

24. A good run or yoga practice. I don't love all runs or all yoga sessions. I'm talking about the ones that when you're done, you feel like you can take on the world.

25. Back rubs/massages.

26. Bubble baths.

27. Surprises. Flowers just because, a clean apartment when I return from a work trip, anything really. I'm a sucker for a sweet gesture.

28. Perfume. I pretty much always have a sprtiz of something on every day. I have perfume that I wear daily (Dream Angels Heavenly), but I also have perfume that I only wear on special occasions (Dior Pure Poison).

29. Kyra J. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: he makes me feel so loved every single day.

30. My family.

31. Huge computer screens. If I'm gonna be working on something, give mama a big ole screen to work with :) Better yet, I'd really love to have some dual screen action going...one day maybe.

32. Myself. It may sound weird or vein, but I am the creator of my own happiness. We have to be happy with ourselves before we can be happy with anything or anyone else.


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