Holiday Gift Guide: Internet Geek

Are you ready for the final installment of the 2013 Jane Not So Plain Gift Guide? Today, I'd like to share some ideas for the "Internet Geek" in your life. As I have mentioned it before, I work as a Social Media Coordinator, so I spend the majority of my time on the Internet. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs, I love it all and get really excited about the interwebz. Geek part of 1? That's me!

Quirky Cordies

In my geeky dream world, I would have multiple large monitors, speakers, wireless, the works. More stuff means more chords, and this chord organizer is cute and handy, too. At work, I have my laptop connected to a large monitor with a keyboard, mouse, printer, etc., and the chords drive me bat sh*t crazy. I need one of these things in my life!

Pandora One Subscription

The majority of the day I am listening to music while I'm working. I would assume this is the case for most people working strictly on a computer and the internet. A Pandora One subscription would be such a nice gift...no commercials and unlimited streaming all.day.long!

HTML for Dummies

I have a couple HTML books, but I am always looking for more! It's on my bucket list to become "fluent" in HTML, so the more resources the better. This book would be a great gift for any blogger too. While my HTML knowledge is limited, the small amount I do have has helped tremendously when it comes to JNSP.

Internet Cat Ornament

Oh grumpy cat! It would be hilarious to give someone this ornament. I personally would love it! If your "Internet Geek" is anything like me, they'd appreciate the humor in this gift for sure.

Portable Phone Charger

So, not only am I a huge tech-geek, I also love using the interwebz on my phone. If any of you are the same way, then you know it drains the battery really fast. The nice thing about these "lipstick" chargers is that they are rechargeable and provide a full charge to your phone battery. Most of them come with a charging chord only, so you'll need to carry your phone charging chord with one end being a USB, too. But, there have been so many times that I've needed to charge my phone and have the charger, but no outlet to plug it into. Or, I am somewhere that I don't want to leave my phone. Whoever invented these things is a GENIUS!

Like and Dislike Stamps

Another silly thing that any Internet Geek would appreciate the humor of! I don't even know what you'd actually use them for, but I bet you could find SOMETHING to do with them :)

Blog, Inc.

If you have a blogger on your gift list this year, then I am sure they would appreciate a book like this. I know I am always looking for ways to improve JNSP, so this type of resource would definitely help!

I hope you've enjoyed the 2013 Jane Not So Plain Gift Guide as much as I have! I loved rounding these ideas up and sharing them with you. With that being said, I am a firm believer in giving gifts that count. It doesn't have to be expensive, but as long as it's from the heart, that's all that matters!


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