Holiday Gift Guide: DIY Diva

I am SO EXCITED to officially kick off my first-ever Holiday Gift Guide series! With these ideas, I hope to make the holiday shopping season a tad easier for you. I have included gifts of many price levels, so no matter your budget, you'll be able to purchase gifts that are sure to be well received!

Today, we're going to start with my ideas for the DIY Diva in your life...

E6000 Glue

Hands down, this is the best glue to have in your craft supply stash. I mainly use it to attach rhinestones to fabric, but there are a million and a half other uses too!

Hobby Lobby Gift Card

Who can say no to a gift card to Hobby Lobby? A DIY Diva certainly can't!

Washi Tape

There are so many fun things you can do with washi tape! I especially love using it to pretty up gift wrap and cards. But, the possibilities definitely don't end there!

Mr. Sketch Markers

I love love love these markers! Not only are they great markers, they smell good too :)

Baby Lock Sewing Machine

Any DIY Diva will probably want/need a sewing machine at some point, and you cannot go wrong with a Baby Lock! Word to the wise....NEVER buy a sewing machine through a "Big Box Store." Please purchase through an independent retailer. The customer support is SO MUCH better, and they are so much easier to work with. You won't regret it!


Baker's twine is like washi tape, so many uses! Again, I like to use twine for pretty packaging.

Rotary Circle Cutter

My sister got me this exact cutter for my birthday, and it's awesome! It cuts perfect circles, ranging in various diameters. And, it cuts paper and fabric, so it's great for the paper crafter for the sew-er.

What do you think? What would you add to this list? 

Don't forget! Come back tomorrow for ideas for the Domestic Goddess!



  1. How fun! What I could do with all of it! I'd have to hide most of it from my daughter though. ;)
    You're so inspiring Tori!

  2. I'm glad the circle cutter is good...I was wondering!


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