Beauty PSA

I have a confession to make...I had never cleaned my makeup brushes until this weekend, and I have had some of them for years. It's gross, and I will FOR SURE be making it a routine habit to clean them.

So today, I am here to remind you to clean your makeup brushes. It's so easy to do...in a bowl, mix warm water and some soap (hand soap is fine, as is dish soap). Take each brush and swirl it around the soapy water. Let soak if needed. Then rinse them with warm water until the water runs clear. Leave out to dry on a towel.

If your brushes are anything like mine were, you'll have to replace the water often. After seeing the nastiness of the water, I cannot believe I was using those brushes on my face. Ew.

I am going to start cleaning them once a week and using a daily sanitizing spray. Not only will this help my brushes last longer, it will also aid in taking care of my skin. I whole heartedly believe that taking good care of my skin now will delay the onset of wrinkles, age spots, etc.

Here's to clean makeup brushes and healthy skin!


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