Non-Scale Victory


Posts two days in a row? HOLLA! Anyway, I have a couple small non-scale victories to share with you today.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, I met Kyra at the gym for a work out. I'm so lucky and thankful that he's a personal trainer. And, the sweet thing always fits me into his busy schedule at the gym. It's also nice because it's time we wouldn't otherwise get to spend together.


I mentioned awhile back that I am training for the St. Louis Hot Chocolate 15K in December. Well, on Tuesday I had a 2 mile run to get in. Here's how it went down... I walked into the locker room after I finished mine and Kyra's workout. I literally stopped in my tracks in the middle of the locker room and had an internal conversation with myself. I thought about why I didn't want to do my run...my legs were tired, and I already got a good work out in. I needed to go to the grocery, come home, cook, etc. Then, it was like something clicked, and I thought, "No, I'm gonna get my happy behind on the dang treadmill." Though I didn't run a whole 2 miles, I did log 1.25, and I couldn't be happier with that.

I have to tell you, my endurance and willpower has been so different since running my half marathon. Having to mentally push myself through that race has made me realize that I am capable of so much more than I ever gave myself credit for.

-30 Days of Thanks-

Jane Not So Plain

Today, I am thankful for the body that I was given. Is it perfect? Not even close. But, it does carry my heart and soul through this life. Our bodies are our vessels, and we need to treat them with the respect they deserve...something I need to remind myself often.



  1. Great work - those victories are definitely noteworthy!

  2. Great job! Looking forward to hearing about the Hot Chocolate 5k!

  3. Running is all mental. I have to have that conversation with myself all the time....and I'm not training for anything but myself. Great job!!


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