Thursday Thoughts

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I think this cleanse is making my HANGRY. I'm not necessarily hungry, but good lord, I think it's making me angry. Ok, maybe not angry, but I have noticed that my moods are a tad more volatile.


I could barely choke down the fiber drink yesterday morning...it.was.awful. But, I discovered a little trick...I added an orange flavored Crystal Light packet to the mix, then blended it with about 10oz of water. SO MUCH BETTER!


I bought a couple Walden Farms products to help me not to feel too deprived during the cleanse. I bought the Amazin' Mayo and the Chipotle Ranch. I've only tried the mayo so far to make some tuna and egg salad, and it tasted pretty good. It tastes closer to Miracle Whip than Hellman's, so if you are anti-Miracle Whip, then we can't be friends you probably won't like it.


Martha Stewart has made some questionable decisions and comments in the past, including her recent remarks about bloggers. What irks me the most about it is that Martha Stewart has a blog network and her company regularly works with bloggers to review her products. Not a smart move on her part to say that about people who help support her "empire."

This BlogHer article is an awesome rebuttal, and I highly recommend you read it.


The next Blogger tutorial I am going to work on is coding a table that creates a gallery, like the one on my Favorite Blogs page. This one is a little more HTML focused than the imbedding an Instagram one, so I think I am going to do a screen cast video. I think it will be easier to get the point across than using screen shots and typing out the instructions. We'll see though!

What are your thoughts on this beautiful Thursday?



  1. I hate being hangry. I just wanna know what's in Walden Farms products if there are NO calories :-/

  2. I always say "I am what I eat, and I'm usually very sweet!" ... if I try dropping sugar, watch out!

    I seriously can NOT choke something down ... I cannot force myself to eat/drink things I don't want (and that list is really long, often things other people love I could not choke down). I really wonder at what point I could (money, a zombie apocalypse, my life depending on it).

    I struggle with the most basic blog improvements ... and just barely got on Instagram. We're really quite a technological family, it just hasn't extended to html ... :)

  3. Lots if people use the spark in the fiber drink to make it more manageable!


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