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Have I ever told you guys about my love of fashion? As long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with clothes and accessories. When I was a little girl, I would change my clothes literally five times a day because I loved putting together different outfits. And, of course, playing dress up was an almost daily occurrence.

Fast forward through the awkward school-aged years and let's go straight to college. My first job in college was at this super cute (and affordable) boutique. I was in heaven, and it really is a miracle that I made any money at all because I feel like I spent a ton of it buying clothes. Anyway, I got to style displays, mannequins, and of course, the customers. It was like playing dress up all day, every day, and it.was.wonderful!

Before I dive in to my outfit of the day, I want to be clear...I don't always dress like a self-proclaimed fashionista. There are many days that I just throw something on and don't think too much of it. But, on the days that I put more thought into creating a cute outfit, I feel more confident and better about myself. It's all about treating yourself well, whether it's drinking plenty of water, going for a run, or putting on an outfit that makes you feel pretty.

Outfit of the Day: October 2, 2013

Outfit Details:

I LOVE leopard print! If styled incorrectly, it can be a little cheap looking, but if you pair it with the right outfit, it's super chic. It just adds such a fun pop of style to most outfits. Leopard print is not only a staple in my closet, but also a fun neutral!

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  1. Come dress me. I am hopeless, overweight, and lazy. I need a miracle outfit!


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