The One Where I Got Published

If you haven't noticed the button on my sidebar, I have a living bucket list that I am keeping track of on Jane Not So Plain. Today, I am happy to announce that I get to mark one of the items of my list!

See the byline? That's me!
I got to contribute a project for the Baby Lock Halloween E-Book! I designed, created, and wrote instructions for the Spooktacular Patchwork Pillow. I love how it turned out, and I love that I got to use my sewing skills, too (I normally just get to use my social media/digital marketing skills).

Working for a sewing machine company really is a dream come true! On a daily basis, I put my advertising/marketing brain to good use, but periodically, I get to put on my creative cap and sew away.

If you are a sew-er or know someone who is, please sign-up for the Baby Lock E-News list, and you'll receive the Halloween E-Book for free!

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