3 Things I've Discovered From Running

Though I haven't been running for very long, I have discovered a few things along the way...

1. I love the area in which I live.

No matter what time of day, there are always people out and about. Whether it's kids walking to school in the morning or people walking their dogs in the evening, I love that I am never along while pounding the pavement.

Speaking of kids walking to school...today I passed a middle school girl, and she just seemed so cool. I think if I were a middle school girl, I would hope to be her...Ya know, me how I am now, not real-life Tori how she was in middle school back in the day... Anyway, this girl had brown hair with blue ombre ends, a musical instrument in one hand, and a travel mug of hot tea in the other. I don't what it was that struck me about her, but she just seemed awesome.

2. Runners will do whatever it takes to recover properly.

Today was a prime example of this. I did my last long run for my first half marathon this morning before work, and I purposefully wore a maxi skirt to the office so I could wear my compression sleeves on my calves without anyone noticing.

More evidence of this can be found here in reference to my Power Jug.

3. The running community as a whole is super supportive.

I have seen this come from a number of different arenas. The first example that comes to mind is the running/blogging community and how they wrap their arms around those in need...Holly raising $2,500 for her St. Jude marathon, the page started for Baby Harper, and so many more instances.

I experienced this support first hand on a run a few weeks ago. I was running in my neighborhood and for whatever reason, I was giving mental high fives to the other runners I passed. No matter how fast/good of a runner you are, it's always nice to have good vibes sent your way, ya know!? Well, as I was doing this, I passed a woman who said, "Good job!" as I ran by. It has stuck with me ever since, and she will never know how much of a boost she gave me that day.


  1. I've noticed the support too! It's awesome!!!

  2. Every race I've ever done, people have been so supportive and said "good job" along the way. Love it.

  3. I usually scream at people that are running and I'm not "you go healthy."


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