Work Out Wednesday


It's time for another edition of Work Out Wednesday with Skinny Meg

I mentioned last week that I was slacking with my running schedule, so I had to readjust some things. Since I am a first-time runner, I was kind of lost as to how I wanted to get back on track. But then, I discovered a hand-dandy tool on Runner's World...

SmartCoach allows you to create custom training schedules. Basically, you put in your start date, race date, pace, and running experience/level. And, it develops a plan that fits your needs and preferences. 

This tool helped me get back on track, and it allowed be to get excited again about my upcoming goals! I highly recommend checking it out if you need a custom running plan.

Also, don't forget! I am hosting a "Favorite Things" giveaway to kick off my birthday celebration!


  1. thanks for the info on runners world. I am run in a race in Nov but my schedule will be a little of wack. I like how I can custom make a training schedule


  2. Love finding out about new tools for runners! Thanks! Headed over to check it out!


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