Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Hello JNSPers! Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately. My life, both personal and professional, has been busier than normal, but I am back today with Thursday Thoughts!

-Huge shout out to Jennifer of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for sending me some Spark samples! She sent Fruit Punch and Mango Strawberry, and I definitely preferred the Fruit Punch. I don't know, I am weird about fake strawberry flavors. The Fruit Punch tasted like Kool Aid, but it kinda made me nauseous after awhile. Has anyone else experienced this? I would love to ween off soda, and I think Spark would be a great alternative, but I don't wanna be nauseous all the time.

-Shanny Mae is no longer allowed outside without supervision. She rolled around in something gross yesterday afternoon. I don't know what it was, but it smelled bad and she had it all over her. Then, this morning, she did it again!

-Google Reader will be no more as of Monday, so get your heineys in gear and pick a new blog reader. I personally like Bloglovn', but I have heard good things about Feedly, too. 

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-I am still working on food prep, but I haven't been able to find enough time/energy to prep for an entire week. I have made batches of homemade egg mcmuffins, protein pancakes, and various and assorted other things. This time for the egg mcmuffins, I fried an egg for each one and used turkey sausage. I like them better this time around!

Happy Thursday everyone...it's almost the weekend!


  1. my daughter says, "oh look it's a POLAR BEAR DOG!" your baby dog is toooo cute!

  2. Found you through Ramblings link up! My Grandma's dog likes to roll in nasty dead worms, which stink really bad. Could be worms.

  3. I put mine in like at least double the recommended amount of water. You still get a ton of flavor, but it's not so intense!


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