The Pintester Movement

First, welcome fellow Pintestes! Happy Pintester Movement day!

For everyone else...

Are any of you familiar with The Pintester? If not, you should be. Sonja (the Pintester) tries out a bunch of stuff found on Pinterest and blogs about it. IT'S FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! I kid you not, I about pee my pants every time I read her posts because it's so funny.

Sonja is hosting the Pintester Movement, where a bunch of people are trying out pins and posting about it on the same day (today). Most of you know about my love of Pinterest, so I just couldn't NOT participate. So here it goes!

The Jane Not So Plain Pin Test: 

Image and original project by AppleJane
I know you've seen a million of these projects on Pinterest. So, I figured it's the perfect pin test.  I wanted to spiff up a wine bottle or ten to decorate my bookcases. So if it turns out, then I will use it as planned. If not, I can use my stash of wine bottles for something better!

The original pin calls for an empty wine bottle, yarn and packing tape. Well, good news guys, I have an empty wine bottle just waiting to be wrapped up. Bad news: I don't have packing tape or yarn, so I used hot glue and raffia instead. Listen, the Pintester herself doesn't use the called-for "ingredients," so why should I?

Here's how my version turned out:

Overall, I think it was a really easy project, and it pretty much turned out how I expected. The raffia is forgiving, so it easily hides imperfections. Tori-1, Wine Bottle- 0...go team!

My raffia-wrapped wine bottle now happily sits on my bookcase, keeping my cookbooks company while they collect dust aren't in use.

A couple tips:
  • Try not to burn your fingers on the hot glue gun if you want to keep your finger prints.
  • Wrap the raffia tight and slightly overlap the layers. 
  • Of course, you've gotta glue the beginnings and ends of the strings of raffia, but it also helps to add hot glue here and there in the middle too.
  • And, you may as well empty another bottle drink a glass of wine while crafting. Wine makes everything more fun ;) 

What do you think? Success or fail?

Go here and see who else joined the Pintester Movement!

And, don't forget to vote for me in the search for the next Fox Sports Midwest girl! It's the last day to vote, and the winner will be announced on June 5th!


  1. How cool! I tried this one with yarn which was a huge pain in the arse, and yours looks way better than mine did.

    1. Its only because the raffia is so forgiving :)

  2. I would not have the patience to wind that around, that's for sure!

  3. Wine for everyone. I might have the patience to do all that work after a bottle.

  4. Nice! A great pin to test out! :)

  5. Wow, you must have the patience of a saint, I couldn't do that. And the good news is: the bottle is already mummified so can be spiffed up just a little bit more for your Halloween celebrations! Way cool!

  6. Awesome post, it looks great

  7. Your blog is so cute!! Also, wine DOES make everything better. Great post!

  8. *plans to become cat burglar after burning fingerprints off making adorable covered bottles. WIN/WIN

  9. Good job baby! And of course my girl would pick a bright color :)


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