Life Hacks

When you're on the go a lot, sometimes things get left at home or forgotten about or don't get done or...

The list goes on. Between two jobs, grad school and the constant battle of wanting to live a healthy life style, I sometimes I feel like I am walking around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Side note: props to all the ladies and gents who do all of this and have kids. You rock!

Do you feel this way sometimes, too? Here are a couple tricks to make a busy life seem less overwhelming and more pleasant:

1. Coffee Ice Cubes

I got this trick from my sister, Sarah; she's pretty much a genius. Now that it's a lot warmer in the Midwest, I like to drink iced coffee in the mornings. Mama needs her coffee to get the day started, or grumpy Tori gets unleashed...

Here's the problem though, I don't have time in morning to let the coffee cool completely before pouring it over ice. When you pour hot coffee over regular H20 ice, it gets watery and kind of gross.

Solution: half coffee cubes, half regular ice cubes. It stays delicious and doesn't get watered down. WIN!

Side note: an 8oz cup of coffee makes an entire tray of ice cubes.

2. Powdered Blush as a Lip Color

I had an audition after work one day, so I brought my "stage" makeup with me, but I forgot something for my lips. I improvised using chapstick, powdered blush, and cream highlighter.

Here's the quick fix:

  • Put on a layer of chapstick
  • Wet your finger and rub it in the blush to get some pigment.
  • Run your pigment-covered finger over your lips.
  • Dab a little highlighter in the center of the top and bottom lip and blend outward.
Voila! Instant lip color; it's subtle, but better than nothing!

3. A Spray Tan

Most people, myself included, look better with a little color. I try to stay out of tanning beds because of the risk of skin cancer, so I spray tan instead! I don't get them regularly, but when I do get them, I LOVE it.

Another major plus? It makes my skin look more even and clear, so I wear less makeup while I am bronzed. We all know what that means, less makeup = less time getting ready in the morning! Another WIN!


In all seriousness, my heart is broken for the men, women and kids who have lost everything in the recent storms in Oklahoma. Things like this make me realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and the opportunity to be so crazy busy.

If you would like to help, check out my post on Totally Stitchin' for some ideas!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try the coffee one for sure!

  2. LOVE the coffee tip. Def trying that.


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