Finish This Sentence Part 4


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I am more outspoken and sassy. My sister, Sarah, has the patience of a saint and is wise beyond her years.

My best friend says tells...the best stories. Andrea's stories are impeccably detailed and always hysterical. It's funny because Kyra tells stories just like Andrea. Coincidence? I think not.

People call me...Tori Marie, Tortellini, Tort, Torti, Nado (as in Tornado), the list goes on...

I most often dream...that I have to go back to high school and take a bunch of classes over again. I also regularly dream that I still have a paper due for a class I took in Undergrad. HOLY SCHOOL ANXIETY!

The best part of my day...is when Kyra gets home.

I get really annoyed...when the DVR cuts off the previews for next week's show. It's like, HELLO! I only got to see half the preview!

There's nothing like a... a glass of wine and a bubble bath to wrap up a long day of work and/or class. 

Lately, I can't get enough...iced coffee in the morning. Instead of spending five million dollars every year going to Starbuck's, I am using my Keurig and making my own. Money in tha bank!

One thing I am NOT is...half-assed, literally and figuratively. Mama's got some junk in the trunk! But seriously, I am very detail-oriented, so nothing I do is done halfway. I may procrastinate, but I WILL get it done and it WILL be done to the best of my ability.

I spent too much money on...my hair. I've been dying my hair since 8th grade, got extensions last year, and have purchased A LOT of hair product/tools over the years. 

I want to learn...how to speak Spanish. I know some of the basics, but I would love to become fluent! Funny story, my sister (the same one mentioned above) taught me my first Spanish sentence when I was like 10 or something..."Mi hermana es una vaca," which translates to "My sister is a cow." Nice, eh?

I can't stop...watching Friends. No lie, I watch it every night before I go to bed and die laughing. Even if I have seen an episode 10+ times, it's still so funny! How you doin'?

Never have I ever...seen The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins. I'm not sheltered, I swear!

Reese Witherspoon...is more like America's Sassy Sweetheart. 

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