Eating Out, Staying Healthy

I love eating out! Don't get me wrong, I like eating in too, but it's just so easy to grab something on the go when I am out and about running errands.

Lately, I have been really good about cooking my food ahead of time and bringing my food for the day with me to work and school. Yesterday, though, I was running errands and didn't bring my next snack/meal with me. Poor planning on my part, but Jimmy John's saved the day!

My love for JJ started in college, and it hasn't wavered one bit since. They have great sandwiches with fresh ingredients, so what's not to love? Well, if you are watching what you eat, then their homemade French bread may not be the ideal choice. Don't worry though, Jimmy John's has 2 healthier options: swap the French bread for 7-grain wheat (my favorite wheat bread around, not gonna lie) or turn your sandwich into an Unwich with a lettuce wrap instead of bread.

Here's what I had yesterday:

  • Hunter's Club Unwich
    • No provolone, no mayo
    • Added dijon mustard

Here's the nutritional breakdown for my meal:

It was a low carb, high protein meal for under 200 calories, so it fit perfectly into my meal plan for the day. AND, it was super delicious too!

I have not been compensated by Jimmy John's for this post. I am simply sharing what I know and love!

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