Birthday Surprise!

Kyra's birthday was this week, and he asked for money. Let me 'splain. Kyra is a personal trainer, and he wants to get another certification that will help him train athletes. In order to get this certification, he has to drop over $500 on study materials and the test itself.

At first, I was like, "Money? How boring!" But, I wanted to give him what he wanted and it made sense that he wanted some extra cash to help pay for his certification. I couldn't just put money in a card though, so I added a little creativity!

Here's what I did:

1. Breakfast & a Card with $

On special occasions, like birthdays, last days of school, holidays, etc., we always start with a special breakfast. Kyra regularly wants steak and eggs, but I can't cook steak, so I turned to Panera. Enter their Steak & Egg Sandwich on a bagel!

2. 43 Reasons Why I Love Kyra

It was Kyra's 43rd birthday (SHH! Don't tell him I told you!), so I cut 43 strips of colorful paper and wrote a reason why I loved him on each one. Then, I taped each reason to a dollar bill and wrapped it up in a box. I left this one in his car, so he would be surprised when he left for the day!

3. A Cupcake & a Card with $

I stopped by Jilly's, a local gourmet cupcake bar, on my way home from work and got him a chocolatey, peanut buttery slice of heaven.

4. Stitched Instagram Collage

I got some of our Instagrams printed and put together this little collage to give him at his birthday dinner. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and he loved it! To finish off the money train, I taped a $50 bill to the back of the frame.

I am working on putting together a tutorial for this Stitched Instagram Collage, so keep your eyes open in the next couple of days!

Kyra's birthday was wonderful! I love giving gifts, and he happily received the things I offered :) I think my favorite thing though about what I did is that it lasted throughout the whole day. I l.o.v.e birthdays and think that they should be celebrated ALL DAY!

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