What I've Been Up To

One of my goals for 2013 is to break 100 GFC/G+ followers, and I have already seen (a little) progress! The underlying target of this effort is that I want to grow Jane Not So Plain's readership and awareness. Obviously, this isn't going to happen over night or without effort, so I want to share what I am doing as I go along.

Here's what I have been up to help me accomplish my goal:

Social Media Friends is hosted over at The Train to Crazy and each week they will feature a different social media channel and three bloggers. The best part? It's also a link party! If you are interested in meeting new blogging friends and expanding your social media presence, you should definitely check it out!

This week we linked up our Twitter accounts, and I gained 13 new followers. Woohoo!

So I Married A Craft Blogger

I also linked up my DIY Dry Erase Calendar to the Man Up Link Up X party at So I Married a Craft Blogger. I wasn't featured, but it's still a fun link party!


This may be the most exciting part...I am having Chris from Hubby Jack's Blog Attack design a new look for Jane Not So Plain! I had been debating about getting a custom design for awhile, so I am way beyond excited to be getting this done. Keep an eye out for the new look!


  1. Hi Tori! Clicked on your blog through hubby jack's, which I clicked on through skinny meg, who I found through mama Laughlin, who I found on Pinterest....crazy huh? Anyway, I've been reading blogs or a few years and been (not really) wiring my own for about a year and it seems like the best ones are always the ones ou find randomly! I'm hoping following along with you will motivate me to post more frequently and document all the projects I work on as a new SAHW (so you know I have pleeeeenty of time to post, it's really just an issue of being lazy...)

    Good luck girl! Excited to be following along!

    1. I am so glad you found your way here! And, I completely agree, it always seems that my favorite blogs end up being ones that I randomly stumble upon :)

      Thanks for following, and I am glad that we can motivate each other to continue to document our projects. What's your blog address? I would love to follow along with you as well!


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