My Journey


Over the past couple of years, I have tried out to be an NFL cheerleader twice. I made it to the final round of auditions twice. But, I haven't made the squad. Yet. 

I am trying out ONE MORE TIME! I started what I like to call "my journey to the field" last week and so far so good. Although tryouts aren't until the spring, the process really starts long before the dates are even announced. It's an all-consuming process filled with work outs, dance classes, healthy eating, and a lot of emotions. 

I have grown so much over the last couple years as I have not only prepared myself for try-outs, but also graduated from college, landed my first post-grad job, and so much more. I am in such a great place mentally, emotionally and professionally, and I feel like this is my time to follow my dreams and not give up.

Throughout the next five months, I am sure there will be more posts about "my journey to the field," but for now, wish me luck as I pursue this goal!

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